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For a complete timeline please view our "What is HHO" page. HHO was first called a gas in 1625. Find that date interesting? I know I did. To find out something that can do so much good for the world has been around so long and it has been used for so little. It's first practical use came about 200 years later between 1825 and 1826. A Scottish surveyor and politician Thomas Drummond invented a spot light or "limelight". The English chemist Goldsworthy Gurney also invented one around the same time, but Drummond's light became more popular. Drummond burned calcium oxide, the chemical compound known as lime, in a hot hydrogen-oxygen flame to create a brilliant white light that was bright enough to be used for surveying land and in lighthouses. The light was so intense, it could be seen almost 100 miles away when raised to the appropriate height as a result of the earth's curved surface.

This spot light was soon used in theaters because it was moderately safer than the gas lights that were used around the stage at that time. When an actor was in the limelight , he or she was center stage and the center of attention, hence the expression we still use today. Limelight was eventually replaced by other, much safer lighting technology, but the phrase remained. 100 years later the US had military trucks that were hybrid HHO and fossil fuel. Today, almost 200 years after the creation of HHO we are finally starting to take advantage of mother natures gift. If you use the information on this site please be safe. HHO, like oil based fuel, is explosive and flammable. Be sure to follow all your county, state and federal laws.


Automotive HHO, Power, Fuel, Cars, Trucks, Hybrid, Electrolysis, Oxy-hydrogen gas, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Installation, Maintenance, Wilmington NC 28412, Jacksonville nc, Fayetteville NC, Raleigh NC, Myrtle Beach SC, North Carolina, South Carolina

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